Leaf bladed battle axe vs dragon scimitar

Dragon Blade/ Ice dragonBlade/ Light DragonBlade (Many have annoyed me about not including this weapon

Sharpened Dismal Battleaxe (1 quests) Sharpened Dismal Long Sword (1 quests) Sharpened Pine Scout Sword (1 quests) Sharpened Rockhopper Claws (1 quests) Sharpened StoneThere are several melee Weapons in Breath of the Wild

incl zweihander, no-dachi (kara-Tur), tetsu-to (Malatra), saddle sword (wider head with crossbar in blade)The battle axe has the distinction of being one of the oldest tools and weapons of manPinch of Clover Pollen, Agrimony Leaf, Feverfew Leaf, Sumbul Leaf, Curuloth Leaf, Grain of Star Reach Clover Pollen, Drop of Pickleberry Extract, Piece of Ground Figwort

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A particular hammon is created by the clay applied to the bladeWeapon PropertiesDominion Mid-RangePlease join the discussion!Releases (2013) AQWorlds Wiki » Other Info » Chronicle of Releases » Releases (2013)