Using original and final gravity readings, you can also determine how many units of alcohol there are in your drink according to your national guidelines. Using the Calculator. First, choose the formula to calculate your brew's ABV. Then, depending on the measurement device you are employing, choose Degree Plato or Specific Gravity. Each alcohol has its own weight, or Specific Gravity Value. These values tell you in what order that you should pour them. As described in the layering section, you must pour the heaviest liquors first, or the liquors with the largest value.

0.79 g/mL — represents the density of ethanol alcohol, drop the g/mL to get the specific gravity. ( ( 1.05 x ( OG – FG ) ) / FG ) / 0.79 x 100 = % ABV *For temperature correction use the following ~50 °F subtract .001 /~ 70 ° F add .001 / ~ 80 ° F add .002