E/M service prior to removing a wart. See below for codes and proper placement of 25 modifier. The physician appended modifier 25 to the wrong code. Sources: WPS Medicare Modifier 25 Fact Sheet Questions regarding this Compliance Alert can be directed to:

Jul 14, 2010 · Then if any additional work exists outside of the procedure, the coder can appropriately assign an E/M code with modifier -25. Know the coding rules. One reason modifier -25 is used improperly is that whoever assigns the modifier may not completely understand the CPT definition and CMS’ guidance on its use, Mackaman says. Providers should evaluate other modifiers such as the RT/LT identifying right and left, F1 - F0 to identify fingers, T1-T0 to identify toes and E1-E4 to identify eyelids. Evaluate additional modifiers to determine appropriate usage. Modifier XS Fact Sheet. References: WPS - Government Health Administrators; Priority Health