Safety Data Sheet (RP 500) PAGE 6 of 9 . REPEATED DOSE TOXICITY. Product:..... Product is a amber to brown combustible liquid with typical solvent odor. Chronic exposure is harmful by inhalation, when in contact with the skin and if it is swallowed. Liquid and vapor may be irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Safety Data Sheet According to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31 Trade name: RP90 Rapid Penetrating Fluid +P.T.F.E. 6. Accidental release measures Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures Wear protective equipment. Keep unprotected persons away. Environmental precautions: For further information consult the Material Safety Data Sheet available for this product. Fire Conplast RP264 is water based and non-flammable. Cleaning and disposal Spillages of Conplast RP264 should be absorbed onto sand, earth or vermiculite and transferred to suitable containers. Remnants should be hosed down with large quantities of water.

General :Read and follow all Safety Data Sheets (SDS’S) before use. Read label before use. Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Close valve after each use and when empty. Use equipment rated for cylinder pressure. Do not open valve until connected to equipment prepared for use.